The International Trio is the perfect combination if you want spectacular music that is unobtrusive, yet captivating.

The creation of this ensemble came about from the desire to showcase our musical heritage from Mexico, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. 

The recipe to our International Continental Jazz:

  • A mixture of beautiful boleros, bossa novas, rumbas
  • Stirring in some traditional Spanish, Gypsy, Afro Caribbean and Brazilian
  • Adding a heavy coating of Jazz
  • Stirred with caution, not shaken

Our vision was to be truly international about culture and rhythms.

Puerto Rican percussionist, Henry Brun is a Grammy award winning international recording artist with multiple international awards supporting his body of work. 

Acoustic guitarist, Robert Garcia is a San Antonio native and has had the blessing of studying & performing alongside some of the most recognized guitarists in San Francisco.

Bassist, Martin Santiago came from the world of Salsa, and has accompanied some of the biggest names in Latin music: Jerry Rivera, Victor Manuel, NG2, and countless others.

Together they shape a tour de force and defy the odds with their musical savvy.  Their audacity to be cross cultural and unite folkloric and urban concepts is evident in their playing. 

Most importantly, they have fun doing what they love – creating beautiful music!